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Share custom dashboard VMware vROps 6.0.x

Sharing a custom dashboard in vROps isn’t that intuitive as I found out, so here’s a quick blog post about it. 1. Log into the vROps console with admin rights. Go to Administration > Dashboards. 2. Highlight the dashboard you’d like to share. 3. Click on the gear icon and then on ‘share dashboard’. 4. […]

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Error connecting to VMAX array from vROps adapter: Unable to establish a valid connection to the target system. The selected collector requires a license and the licensed array model is invalid

When configuring the vROps EMC adapter to be able to monitor a VMAX array I hit a snag with the licensing aspect. The error was: I took a look at the adapter logs in vROps, the path to these logs is – /storage/vcops/log/adapters/EmcAdapter. Now there’ll be a few logs in there. The ones you need […]

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vROps sitting at “Waiting for Analytics” when adding a data or remote collector node

So VMware have a mention for this here and a kb somewhere. I had this problem when I: first, incorrectly though (should’ve created a data node), created a remote collector node and didn’t get rid of it from within the console before trashing the remote collector VM second, created a new data node with a different […]

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