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Planning the upgrade to vSphere 6

Upgrades bring unease to the minds of lots of vAdmins and a major version upgrade can particularly cause trepidation. With the right planning, testing and implementation, it can be an uneventful experience – an upgrade from any older version of vSphere to 6.0 is no different. In this post, I’ll run through planning the upgrade […]

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Unable to unclaim path. Some paths may be left in an unclaimed state. You will need to claim them manually using the appropriate commands or wait for periodic path claiming to reclaim them automatically.

In preparation for my vBrownbag presentation on preparing for the VCP 6: DCV, I needed to assign the SSD tag on one my virtual disks. I followed William Lam’s post about how to trick ESXi into thinking a spinning disk was an SSD, you can read that here. Upon trying to apply the new claim […]

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VMware SSO installation/upgrade error

While upgrading my lab environment from 5.5 to 6.0 I ran into the following error at the very outset. The user group “NT SERVICE\ALL SERVICES” does not have the “Log on as a service” user right. This precludes the ability to use the virtual accounts feature in Windows to permit grater security through increased isolation […]

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