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A few tidbits on vSphere Replication

A few quick things about vSphere Replication: It comes at no cost, incorporated into vSphere 5.1 onwards and uses the hypervisor to replicate VM’s over the network. There’s a gotcha here though, it uses the management network for replication. In case you want it to use a different vSwitch/vDS to replicate data, read this article. Great read! […]

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Installing vSphere Replication

It’s time to install vSphere Replication. The appliance first and then the VR management server. I’ll abbreviate the appliance to VRA and the server to VRS. Click on Deploy VR Appliance to start deploying the VRA. The installer presents the following dialog box, click Ok to get going. Accept the information message that shows up […]

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Installing SRM 5.5

Yep, my new VMware obsession is their Site Recovery Manager 5.5. Awesome piece of code, fairly easy to setup (except for some DB connectivity stuff) and easier to administer. I’ll have my own little admin guide follow this article. I realize there are a few blogs/sites out there which guide you through the setup process […]

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