Delete Shared Uplink Set in HP Virtual Connect


This Shared Uplink Set has associated network(s). Remove any associated network(s) before re-attempting to delete this Shared Uplink Set.


Well how do you do this? Not very straightforward on face value, but if you think about it, it does make sense that it wont let you delete a SUS if it has Ethernet Networks associated with it. Then, Ethernet Networks don’t do much on their own if they aren’t associated with blades managed by Virtual Connect. So to delete a SUS you shouldn’t have created, you:

  • remove the Networks from the server profiles by going into each profile and choosing ‘Unassigned’ in the network name drop-down list or just ‘Unassign’ the profile from the blade
  • delete the Networks if you created them from within the Ethernet Networks or from the SUS area if you created them there
  • delete SUS

Well there you have it, now make sure you create them SUS’ right to begin with!

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