AutoDeploy 6.0 error – tftp://serverIP/tramp. No such file or directory. Could not chain image.

I have begun to go through the blueprint to the VCAP6-DCV test and sure enough, the first topic in it is Auto Deploy. While building my lab up, I received the following error:


Mid way through the picture, notice how it appears to be looking for a tramp file in my tftp server ( Then goes on to say it cant chain the image, finally it tries to find a locally cached image (of which there’s none with this being a fresh install).

Turns out when the tftp zip file is downloaded from the Auto Deploy server a file called ‘tramp’ is also there. Initially I only put the undionly.kpxe.vmw-hardwired file in the root of the tftp server. Not enough. When I put the tramp file in the root too, it sailed through smoothly. Took me an hour of troubleshooting to figure out what was going on, maybe I wasn’t caffeinated enough 😉


There was no active rule applying to this host hence why it didn’t get an image profile from Auto Deploy.

Here’s a quick screenshot of how the tftp root should look like:


The contents of the tramp file are:


So it’s a file instructing the host to target the location mentioned for its gPXE loader. I believe this behaviour is different from the earlier 5.x builds, I don’t recall the tramp file being needed.

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