VMware Certification Exam vouchers – 50% off – changes to process

VMware have made some changes to the way discount vouchers are handled during VMworld. Before Vegas 2016, they used to list the voucher codes on their certification website but now you purchase them as part of your VMworld registration or after it. You used to be able to the publicly visible vouchers and use them to test at the certification center. So while you still can use them only at the event (Vegas or Barca) you’ve registered for, now – you cannot even see the vouchers beforehand:


So as is evident from the above picture, URL here, you can either bundle the voucher while registering for either Vegas or Barca – or – do it independent of the registration process. The terms and conditions are obvious – you HAVE to be attending the event in some capacity to be able to avail the offer and take the exams AND at the location of the event. Watch out for any cancellation situation life may throw at you, cancel at least 5 days before the event starts for a 100% refund or you forfeit the fee.

I hope this explains the process though I know there’ll be dozens of people asking for VMworld discount exam vouchers – no matter what anyone/VMware write 😉

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