Passed VCP7-CMA this morning

Another one in the bag..

I had been preparing for about 30 or so hours for this one and on a bit of a whim decided to have a go at it today. I wasn’t as well prepared as I’d have liked but when you have the comfort of a 100% discount voucher for the attempt, why not, right?!

Material used:

  • The HOLs – can’t go past them really. If you dont have a home lab like me, the HOLs or actual work experience is the only way forward
  • The VCAP6-Admin guide by Chris Lewis located here
  • Jad El-Zein and my mate Mike Rudloff’s awesomely awesome blogs located here and here
  • VMware’s own documentation for vRA 7.0
  • And the blueprint of course

Thoughts about the test: I thought it wasn’t as trivia-esque as the VCPs tend to be, or maybe they’ve lifted their game somewhat (I last did a full VCP several years ago). There were some outrageous questions, such as port numbers for certain things and some obscure installation settings (you know I can’t give out actual questions ;)). 85 questions in 105 mins means you gotta blaze through them pretty quickly. Short questions with short answers (mostly that is). You really gotta practice:

  • RBAC and who does what and various combinations
  • Installation of the product
  • Create, publish blueprints, work on actions, custom properties and what not (really know some of the various pesky setting in there too!)

Back to the AWS certification wagon now with the Advanced Networking specialty coming up in some time. Till then..


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