VCAP5-DCD 2nd attempt – almost there!

Today was my second attempt at this mammoth beast of an exam. Concentrating for 4 hours and trying to keep the urge to pee at bay is just not humane. 100 questions, 94 multiple-choice and 6 scenarios again this time. 2 scenarios and a few of the other questions were repeated from my first attempt. I started off slow, did like 20 questions in the first hour, glanced at the clock and panicked, picked up speed and finished with 5 minutes to spare. I got close to passing, very close, ended up getting 291 with 300 needed 

I think I did well on the many of the multiple choice style questions, but the scenarios I tell ya – THEY DO MY HEAD IN. 3 were easy (or easier), 2 were so confusing and lengthy that I didnt know where to start to be honest. They give you a myriad of things to trawl through, then the first paragraph is usually fluff to throw you off and not every scenario begins with a clean canvas (there are a few things already that you’ve got to work with). Seriously, I do not how to prepare for these apart from quickening my pace through the multiple choice questions and then leaving 20-25 minutes per scenario. In my 2 attempts at this thing, two scenarios have been easy, 2-3 mind-numbingly difficult and one just doesnt make sense. /rant

I can only schedule my 3rd attempt 15 days after VMware get notified of the failing score which usually takes 2-3 days, this gives me 15 + 3 at a minimum to rethink my strategy. Then there’s only one testing center that does the VCAP’s here, and if I were to attempt booking it today – the next available date is usually 10 or more days away. So I likely have a month before the next attempt.

The reasons behind twin failures are lack of experience, the length of the exam and the crazy Visio-esque questions. I can only do something about the third factor and that’s what I am going to do. It’s not so much as working with the design tool that is the problem, it’s trying to make sense of what all is being asked. Like I alluded to before, I need to spare more time for them.

A very difficult exam, but if it was easy it wouldnt be worth working towards, would it? Back to the isolation of my study nook to keep pounding away. 3rd time’s the charm!

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  1. Almost there, keep going and you’ll get it. Spare some more time for the scenario questions though, they carry the most points. – Nick.

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