Installing vSphere Replication

It’s time to install vSphere Replication. The appliance first and then the VR management server. I’ll abbreviate the appliance to VRA and the server to VRS.

Click on Deploy VR Appliance to start deploying the VRA. The installer presents the following dialog box, click Ok to get going.


Accept the information message that shows up next.


Give your VRA a name, I called it ProdVR


Choose the cluster you wish to chuck it on


Choose the appropriate LUN you wish the VRA to be on, LUN3 in my case


Choose the kind of disk you want the VRA to have. I left it at the default.


Choose the mapping appropriately in the next step. For this demo I have the VM’s on the same vSwitch as the management network.


Put in the appropriate IP’s in the next step


Accept the default vCenter Extension vService


and the VRA begins to deploy


Perform the exact same steps on the other site and when done, click on Configure VR Connection

Configure VR connection

On successful pairing, you’ll be presented with the following box

config connection

Wait for a minute or two and the screen should turn into this

after pairing

Choose to Deploy the VR server next


You’ll see a few events/tasks show up in vCenter


Successful deployment of the VRS will present the following screen


(you may notice a slight change in the names of the VRA and the VRS, I rebuilt my lab because of a problem with hardware (unrelated to this))

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