My VCAP5-DCA exam experience

This exam was, by a long shot, the fairest I have taken so far. I dare say I found it easier than the VCP. The VCP test asked me more than a few vague questions, stuff you probably would hear/see rarely, if at all. This one was was much more practical, most of the tasks I got was stuff an admin would work on a regular basis. I didnt get any of those funky questions on claimrules/SSD tagging. Most things were what I had done multiple times in my lab.

Now the issue I faced – The environment was laggy, mildly irritating but you know to expect it. I couldnt finish 5 tasks completely because it threw me some weird errors when I’d click ok. I aint a dumb guy and no matter what I tried, the freaking errors wouldnt go away. I showed to the proctor and advised me to jot down the errors as best as I could on my scrap paper and hand it to her at the end so she could log a case for me with VMware. So out of 26 tasks, I finished 15 completely, 3 mostly, 3 I didnt have time for, 5 questions had issues and were completed to varying degree. I didnt need to open any pdf except for one, I forgot something basic (this was something you do only once in life of a vCenter server). The pdf’s were laggy.

Great learning experience nonetheless, I recommend everyone take this test and prove to yourself and a prospective employer that you have what it takes to get past this one! I may pass, that remains to be seen, but it really tests you.


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