VMware View location-based printing in a lab

Location-based printing is one of those things that isn’t done too often in an actual work environment, with printers being usually mapped by a GPO assigned to the OU the user/computer account is located in. But it’s one of the topics in the VCAP5-DTA live lab exam, hence the need to lab it up. Having looked around the internet, I did not find any information on setting it up in a home lab. assuming the required .dll file has been registered on one of your AD DS servers, here goes:

1. Download PDFCreator from here.

2. Install PDFCreator on a VM you decide would be the “server”. Make sure you choose the “server” option during installation as below:


3. After the above, install PDFCreator as a “client” on your parent VM off which you’d later take a snapshot to deploy linked-clones desktops


4. Next up, shutdown your parent VM and take a snapshot. Then go ahead and recompose your linked-clone desktop pool and choose the snapshot you’ve just created:


5. View Manager then goes about it business recomposing your desktop pool:


6. This is one of the beauties of VMware’s View Composer software, you just update your parent VM, recompose your linked-clone pool and Voila! From here on, all your linked-clone desktops pools will now be based on an updated image. Anyways, logging into a linked-clone desktop you’ll see the network printer mapped to your desktop. A print job will then be sent to the print server:


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