Dump View Composer database data to file

Tiny little gotcha as I was preparing for the VCAp5-DTA, figured it might help someone out and hence the post.

There are two ways of backing up your View Composer database:

  • One, using the View Administrator Console you go to your Connection Server instance, right-click on the server and click on Backup Now. You’ll get a backup of your View Connection Server + Composer database in the one location on the View Connection Server. This is the ideal way to do it.
  • Second, using the sviconfig utility located in the following location on your Composer Server machine: C:\Program Files <(x86)\VMware\VMware View Composer, you run the command in the following screenshot:


At first, I ran the command thinking it’d create a file for me on its own, but that doesnt happen, hence the not-so-informative error message: Access to the path is denied. In the next command, I typed in the name of the file too and it dumped out the data successfully.

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