Error Code 11. Error Message: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.

During my initial attempts to replace the VMCA Root certificate with one issued by the Root Certification Authority, I got this error:


I went through the log file mentioned in the above picture and discovered the issue.

Honestly though, VMware, please make error more descriptive so troubleshooting’s easier? I mean “Error Code 11, program with an incorrect format” isn’t most descriptive are they?! Just say, the certificate format is incorrect. Choose a particular type of certificate or something along these lines. Anyways, the log file location in the error wasn’t any good either:

VMCA replace cert error

Well the error seemed to indicate it didn’t like the certificate. This may have been because the certificate I had requested wasn’t requested by generating a CSR from the Certificate Manager tool, I just went to https://ca.domain.local/certsrv and downloaded the certificate I received. So the CSR likely didn’t have the right attributes the resulting certificate would need to have for VMCA to be happy with it. See the last post I made here for the proper way to go about this.

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