My VCP6-DCV delta beta experience

This morning I wrote my VCP6.0 delta beta test. I have taken a few beta tests in the past and didn’t expect this one to be much different. It was different and way below the standard I’d expect from VMware now that they’ve been putting in so much effort into certifications lately. Here’s more.

Start of test:

Usually you get to see a short survey asking about your level of experience with the product and your proficiency with its various pieces. This time I was simply dropped in after accepting the NDA. I was surprised initially, but thinking about it after the test it does make some sense. It’s a beta, so they’re after feedback and see how I score the exam. I had 75 questions to do in 95 minutes.


I felt the exam was a good mix of topics with no topic asked about more than others. With previous VCP tests, you needed to know things an inch deep and a mile wide. I felt this test was 3 inches deep and a mile wide. Maybe it was a beta, that’s why, I dont know. But it certainly wasnt an entry level certification exam, you really need to know vSphere 6 and have at least some experience with the product (at work or in the lab, though, of course, actual experience is way better). There were several ambiguous questions and on quite a few occasions I re-read the questions and choices to make sure I was understanding what they were asking for.


Completely beats me why VMware wouldn’t let people leave feedback for the exam or better still, for every question. There were numerous grammatical errors which will probably get ironed out when the test goes GA – singular/plural were all over the place, tenses were wrong here and there. I had an instance where the question’s exhibit didn’t display properly, but the statement following the question was clear enough so I knew what the exhibit would’ve been.


If you aren’t already VCP/VCAP level, I suggest you:

  • REALLY know vSphere! Lab it up and then some more.
  • Go through the blueprint and the various admin, deployment and design guides it refers to in detail.
  • Get a study partner so you can bounce the material off of each other
  • Get over to the Daily VMware Quiz I and a few other members of run for some great practice.

This is all I can disclose without infringing upon the NDA, so if any reader asks me about particular questions, you are going to get a :facepalm:

Finally, if I dont pass this beta, I’ll just wait for the VCIXs to come out and do them instead. 3 birds in one hit with them – the VCIX cert + the VCP6.0 cert + renew my VCP 5 cert.

Now that this is past me, back to doing my design for the VCDX.

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