Some folks pointed out I had never done an “About Me” tab on my blog, apparently it’s akin to blasphemy. Well maybe it isn’t, but here it goes anyway.

My name is Manny Sidhu, though I should probably change it to vManny Sidhu since my wife says all I think about is Virtualization (capitalized to emphasize). Not entirely, but mostly true!

I’m a VMware fan, as you can probably tell from the rest of the posts here and will likely remain one for the foreseeable future. I’m keenly interested in any virtualization solution to be honest – Hyper-V (yep, this thing has matured), KVM (your opensource hypervisor), Rubrik of late (pretty cool solution)… you get the drift.

I currently work at a large bank in Melbourne, where I spend my time designing and working on new solutions. My latest exploits include a design + deployment of Log Insight and a vROps upgrade with a sizable Hyper-V implementation looming large.

I used to be pretty crazy about certifications earlier in my IT career, though the urge to get more still remains albeit a little less now. I’ve amassed 22 certifications so far, 5 VMware ones, an ITIL one. the rest of them all Microsoft’s MCSE/A, MCITP/MCTS and what not.. I have a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Engineering from Victoria University, Melbourne.

My next certification is likely to be the VCDX: DCV.

I try to give back to the community as much as I can. I’m a regular over on the TechExams.Net certification forums, dabble in the VMware community forums every now and again and participate in my local VMUG. I’ll be presenting in 3 sessions in the #vBrownbag VCP 6: DCV podcast/webinar and at vForum this year, really looking forward to it all.

I’m a huge fan of Jim Rohn, one of my favourite quotes is – “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” I stick with this principle as much as I can.


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    • Thanks for dropping by Kevin. I have heard about Xangati, but I really cant write anything about you until I have tested/checked yours solution out. Are you able to give me a trial version to take on a test-drive?

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