Example/Sample question on the VCAP5 – DCA exam

Below is a sample question that was posted over on the VMware community forums.

The development team has requested a new DMZ for a test platform. They requires their database servers (DB1, DB2) to communicate with each other and the web server (W1), and the security (S1) server to only communicate with the web server.  The network admin has prepped the physical switch to use VLAN 750 and attached a firewall interface. VLANs 751-755 are available if needed.


vCenter: vcs (administrator/hardpassword)

ESXi hosts: ESXi01/ESXi02 (root/hardpassword)


     W1 – communicate with firewall and all VMs

     DB1/DB2 – communicate with W1 and each other

     S1 – communicate with W1


     firewall: VLAN750

     available VLAN IDs: 750-755

Create a new switch solution on hosts ESXi01 and ESXi02 connecting the VMs as appropriate.

Sometimes the question is shorter:

Configure ThatMemoryMachine to be able to add memory without a power cycle.

Sometimes no requirements are listed:

Another admin has requested a new cluster be created on NewDC

1) Create NewCluster on NewDC

2) Add hosts ThisHost and ThatHost

3) Ensure all virtual machines on 13 will power up in the shortest time possible on 12 in the event of a host issue

4) Ensure any future hosts connected to NewCluster will allow the use of storage profiles

P.S. Source – https://communities.vmware.com/message/2296322#2296322

Here’s another example – http://anexinetisg.blogspot.com.au/2013/09/my-vmware-certified-advanced.html

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