Using custom groups in a dashboard – vROps 6.x

In my previous post, I showed the reasoning behind a custom group and the how-to to go about creating one. This one will talk about the using the group in a dashboard.

  • Go into the create a dashboard wizard. Here’s the one I did:
    • Refresh content will automatically refresh the dashboard at 60 second intervals
    • Self Provider was set to On. This means the Scoreboard widget isn’t receiving data from any other widgets (it’s at the top of the tree)
    • Show Sparkline was set to On, this will trace the utilization over the specified period length of 24 hours
    • Though not marked in the picture, Round Decimals was set to 0, this makes for a more readable picture
    • Then I punched in the name of the custom group – VDI Group in the search box and hit enter
    • I selected the resultant search result which then populated the list of available metrics to choose from
    • It’s worthwhile noting it may take some time for vROps to make the metrics available for the custom group (this happens every collection cycle). While this is happening, not all select-able metrics may show up in the list of available metrics
    • After waiting for a collection cycle, I had the list of metrics show up from which I chose a supermetric I created for this purpose
    • Double-clicking the supermetric brings it into the Object list in the bottom pane
    • I put in a custom label and typed in the Measurement Unit of % (I know it’s not in the picture)
    • Finally, I clicked Save to save the widget.
    • The widget’s configuration looked like this:


  • The resulting dashboard looked like this:


Notice how the sparkline has only just started, this is because the custom group is new. Give it a while (24 hours) and it should start from all the way left and weave its way to the right.

In a future post, I’ll talk about these mystical things called Supermetrics. My good friend, Iwan Rahabok, shows how to use one here in excellent fashion.

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